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iolo System Mechanic Review

It does not take an exceptionally long time for computers to start to slow down. The more a computer is used, the more susceptible it becomes to not performing optimally. The good news is that there are utilities out there that can help optimize a computer.

Leading the way is iolo System Mechanic®. For the last several years, iolo has received great feedback for their PC performance package. What makes it so effective? In this review, we take a look at System Mechanic and the various ways it can help with breathing new life into your computer.

Product Cost

Cost is probably one of the first things that you’ll look at when purchasing a PC tune-up utility. With a wide range of options pricing-wise, it’s best to find software with a free trial to test out.

Most will start with a free version of System Mechanic, which provides a great sample of what the software offers. This version includes the most essential utilities from the suite.

For one year of access, System Mechanic costs $49.95 for those who decide it is worth their investment. There are upgrade options such as System Mechanic Pro® and System Mechanic ® Ultimate Defense™, which will run up to $30 more. With this review focusing on the basic version of System Mechanic, it is essential to point out that this price point falls in the middle. There are cheaper options out there, but the overall value for the cost puts System Mechanic ahead in our book.

Families will love the fact that each purchase comes with unlimited licenses for c. This only works for computers inside the same household, which is a great way to save money.

Getting the Most Out of Any Windows Operating System

As more transition to Windows 10, there is an increased focus on getting the most out of the operating system. Microsoft made sure to include new tools with Windows 10 to make it the most user-friendly and optimized version yet. With System Mechanic, the user interface has been improved and menus have been streamlined. Users can easily clean up or boost their performance with just a few clicks.

System Mechanic is also very proactive on Windows 10, thanks to the operating system’s notifications functionality. When a problem is identified, you’ll be alerted right away.

Arguably the most remarkable feature with Windows 10 and System Mechanic is Ultra Performance Mode. With this feature, you’ll get the best performance out of your computer in crucial situations. The system temporarily disables programs that are not currently needed, maximizing processing power. There is a time and a place for having many programs running simultaneously. However, during high-quality video editing or gaming, slowing down can be detrimental.

Privacy also goes to another level with System Mechanic on Windows 10. Each purchase comes with Privacy Shield, a simple tool that allows you to take control of their private data. There is no such thing as too much privacy on a computer, which is why Privacy Shield is so popular.

All the bells and whistles are not exclusive to Windows 10 either. In fact, System Mechanic has always focused on maximizing older versions of Windows so that such users do not have to feel forced to upgrade. This method works for those who do not want to upgrade their operating system completely or cannot afford it.

Two tools work particularly well for older versions of Windows. The Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers are great tools to thoroughly clean up an older computer. The longer you hold onto a computer, the more it will collect unnecessary files. Getting rid of those files opens up precious storage space and can help speed up the computer.

Program Accelerator might be the best for those who feel like their computer is just too slow. There aren’t many competitors who offer software that works with files the same way a disk defragmenter does. From a user standpoint, it will make the computer run faster and cause fewer headaches.

What Other Tools Make an Impact?

System Mechanic has a set of tools that cannot be matched by its competitors. A few have already been mentioned above, but others provide quite a bit of value


When storage is a bit of a premium, and the computer is starting to age, it is essential to be very organized. AcceleWrite is excellent at organizing data that goes onto a hard drive. After cleaning a computer up and getting rid of old files, AcceleWrite helps make sure that those issues do not pop up again.


This is another great tool for older computers that might be attempting to handle more than they comfortably can. Either automatically or manually, you can adjust the power settings to get more out of your laptop battery or keep the computer running as cool as possible. When fans are constantly running, you run the risk of doing severe damage to a computer. The interior of a computer should never pass a certain threshold of heat, and PowerSense helps to juggle the many factors contributing to such an issue.


Not all users will find it interesting to learn more about the computer in general, but IntelliStatus provides statistics for those who want to stay on top of things. It will provide valuable information on a computer’s RAM, hard drive, and other essential components.

Changes in Performance

Users of System Mechanic are primarily interested in knowing how the suite of tools will impact their overall performance. All the bells and whistles are nice, but it all comes down to real-world solutions.

System Mechanic does a great job of providing fixes to computer issues from many different angles. Most computers don’t slow down because of one particular reason. Instead, a variety of factors contribute to performance drops, which users must address.

Anyone who wants to crunch the numbers can use free online utilities like GeekBench before and after tests. Since every computer is different, it is impossible to say precisely how much of an impact System Mechanic has.

Final Thoughts

Many companies have tried to match what System Mechanic brings to the table, but it is still at the top of the class as far as computer utilities are concerned. Not only is it highly user-friendly, but it passes the tests time and time again with performance upgrades.

From Windows XP to Windows 10, every computer could use some tune-up help along the way. System Mechanic stands as the best value option currently on the market.

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