March 7, 2021

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6 Useful Tips to Keep the Password of Your Security Cameras Safe

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We install security cameras to safeguard our homes, but do you know that the CCTV cameras are also vulnerable to hacking? All the devices that we install for our security and privacy are susceptible to various malicious attacks. Here are a few of the tips to reduce the odds of your security devices getting hacked.

Hack password is the most common form of breach in security cameras. Though company breaches also happen, most of the times, the home security camera gets hacked because of the poor management or negligence of the user. Users need to be aware of the password security, Wi-Fi network security, and malware. They should keep strong passwords, shouldn’t disclose it to anyone, and most importantly change them often.

Here are a few tips to keep your security camera password safe.

  • Often we tell the Wi-Fi passwords to someone who wants to connect to it when visiting our home. These can be friends, neighbors, or sometimes even a person who comes to check the Wi-Fi connection. You should create a guest network for such people and never disclose your own password. If you have given access to some technician, make sure that ‘Forget Password’ is activated on his device before he leaves your premises.
  • Change your password often probably once in a quarter or so. Also, never use birthdays, names etc. in password. Make random, long and unique passcodes that are difficult to guess and breach.
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts. This is important because if one password gets compromised, then all other accounts are at risk. Having the same password will put everything at risk in one go.
  • Create a password using a mix of characters like alphabets in both upper and lower-case, numbers, and symbols. It makes the password more potent and hence harder to hack or crack using brute force attack.
  • Most of the devices these days offer a two-factor authentication process. This actually increases security. If such an option is available, make sure to use it for added protection.
  • You can also enable the lock-out feature if it is available. This feature locks the device after a specific number of invalid login attempts. You would also get notifications of those invalid attempts. It is a very effective method of preventing brute-force password attacks.

These are a few of the tips to keep your security camera password safe and secure.